Renter’s Insurance

Many people believe that if they don’t own a home, they don’t need property insurance. This is a very risky assumption for renters, which make up the bulk of the market in the housing crisis. Renter’s insurance can help protect you and anyone you invite over in the event of an injury. Then, the renters policy can cover medical expenses and property damage.

Renter’s insurance is also important in protecting your residence and possessions in case of fire, water damage, vandalism, or theft. Additional insurance can be added to protect from more specific hazards such as flood, earthquake, or tornadoes.

Home Owner’s Insurance

Home Owner’s insurance is generally required by lenders to cover at least the remaining mortgage on the home. That is where we come in. NIB can help find a policy that meets your request. Whether that is the lender’s minimum, or the full value of your home and the belongings inside it. Many home owners don’t know that not everything is covered in a general liability policy. Events such as fire, flood, earthquake, or other natural disasters may not be covered. This can make the difference between the cheapest policy, and the policy that is right for you.

To help our agents find the coverage you need and quickly, they will need several pieces of information:

  • Address of the residence you want coverage for,
  • Estimated value of everything inside (artwork, furniture, etc.),
  • Age and value of the residence,
  • When you will need coverage bound (i.e. your move in date if you rent, or your closing date if you are purchasing a home)

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