General liability insurance is meant to cover bodily injury and property damage occurring on your premises or from your products. In today’s litigious society, all businesses are at risk of a general liability claim. Some businesses face greater risks than others: read on to discover potential pitfalls.

Property Damage

Whether from your own actions, your employees’, or the general public, this policy helps cover most damages. A typical policy should cover accidents or damages that occur on-sit from goods or services sold there. Not all policies include coverage for attorneys fees and court costs. NIB can ensure yours does. For issues such as vandalism and damage made by guests to your business, you need a commercial property insurance policy. These two policies work in tandem to fully cover your business.

Bodily Injury

Whether from improper use of a product, slip and fall, or faulty manufacture, bodily injury can become costly fast. General liability insurance can cover the litigation costs and medical bills, up to the limits of the policy.

Personal Injury

Personal injury differs from bodily, in that it covers cases of slander and libel. An over zealous employee may publish false, inflammatory statements about your competitor. Without this policy, you would be liable for all litigation costs.

With all this, you can see what a vital policy this is to a business. Call today for a consultation and quote to ensure you truly have comprehensive coverage.