About the Nugents

Our team at Nugent Insurance Brokers (NIB) believes in the value of small business. NIB is a third generation business, starting with Tom Sr. in Paradise, CA. This family businesses has been successfully run the past 30 years by Thomas and Valerie Nugent. We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service, and a real person to talk to on the other end of the phone. We guarantee excellent service and attention.

When you choose Nugent Insurance, you are supporting a veteran-owned, local, family business.

Why You Need Insurance

We understand it takes years of hard work and determination to acquire the things you value the most. A family, a home, a business, perhaps artwork, jewelry, cars, and an estate portfolio. However, we know these can be swept away in a moment. Our priority is to equip you with insurance that offers peace of mind. To ensure your possessions can be replaced and your family can be protected and provided for.

At NIB, we tailor each policy to our clients’ needs. From bare bones coverage to the most comprehensive umbrella policies available, we ensure needs and wants are met. We are one of the few agencies to offer the California Low Cost program as well. We focus our efforts on providing quality insurance and professional, prompt and excellent service to our clients at all times.

Need insurance for your business?

Need insurance for you and your family?

Why You Need a Broker

Insurance brokers are different from insurance companies in a very important way. Instead of buying insurance directly from a broker, you use a broker like you would a real estate agent. We spend the hours combing the marketplace for the coverage and price that meets your needs so you don’t have to. Using a broker will be the best decision you can make. NIB ensures not only that your insurance needs are met at point of purchase, we follow through. Nugent Insurance Brokers help you through the claim process from start to finish.

NIB offers all insurance types and can find the coverage to fit your needs and budget. From cars, bikes, boats, and homes, to health, life, and business you have come to the right place for coverage. Call or email today for a quote!