Nugent Insurance is a successful, established, local, family-owned business. We have enjoyed over 15 years of good will in the Chico community. Our office understands the needs of businesses and how to protect your business, employees, and property.

At NIB, our insurance specialists will tailor coverage to your specific business needs. Here, we ensure your specific properties and possessions are covered and work with you on any budget concerns. Commercial insurance varies as widely as the types of businesses you could run. We comb the marketplace for the best coverage at the best price so your valuable time isn’t wasted shopping around. Almost any business should at least have a general liability, commercial property, and workman’s compensation policies. Follow the resources below to discover more about each type of policy and who needs them:

  • General Liability Insurance which shields the company from legal responsibility for any harm, property damage, or bodily injury it may cause to other people due to its business operations, defective products, employee disloyalty, or other hazards. Errors and Omissions (E&O insurance) to protect your directors, officers, and managers.
  • Commercial Property Insurance for buildings and equipment, to protect against theft, vandalism, and terrorism.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance to cover employees.
  • Errors & Omissions to cover Directors, Officers, and managers.
  • Business Interruption Insurance which protects the business from any loss of income due to a disruption of the business operation as a result of a fire, catastrophe and other disasters.

These policies make the difference between paying litigation costs out of pocket, or calling us and letting us handle your claim. We know your time is valuable and will treat it as such. Let the worries of property damage, business interruption, theft, and worker injury be on us.  Call today to get the coverage that’s right for you.